Welcome to the Movember® Virtual Moscape Room Challenge!

This year Movember have decided to do things a little differently to usual, and have gone virtual with their fundraising challenges.
We all know how important it is to stay connected right now, and it’s important to have a little fun whilst we’re staying inside, so we present to you an online escape room challenge that you can play at home from anywhere in the world, solo or as part of a team, to help Movember keep doing what they do best – raising awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. Created exclusively for Movember by cult virtual escape room designers, Deadlocked Escape Rooms, a third of each sale goes directly to supporting Movember’s causes.

So gather your best team of Mo-Bros, Mo-Sisters and all Mo-folks from anywhere in the world (or play solo if you prefer) and buckle up for 90 minutes of high quality virtual adventure time.

Find yourself interacting with characters (Facebook required), hacking into online interfaces and becoming an internet stalking detective to solve in-context puzzles and problems, unlocking achievements and beating the clock!

What’s it about?

“It is October 31st, the eve of Movember, and ‘T’ is working late instead of hosting his famous annual Halloween party, but this leaves him without his shaver when he needs it the most. Movember starts tomorrow, and the Wexell Corporation competitive mo-growers take it VERY seriously. So seriously in fact, that if he hasn’t shaved by midnight, they will count it as him CHEATING AT MOVEMBER. You’ll have to break into the security at the Wexell Corporation, but only if you can help his colleague, Joey, get into his house and locate his surprisingly well hidden ‘special razor’. Why does he need this specific razor? Why is Joey going along with this mad-capped adventure, and can you help a rapper come up with an on-brand rap before it’s all over? All these questions and more can only be discovered by playing ‘The Movember Virtual Moscape Room’. It’s about to get hairy!”

Play instantly

Convinced? Want to do some good for charity? Buy the game now from Deadlocked Escape Rooms and play it at your leisure.